Call for trainers for the Kick-off 2016 Belgrade ,Serbia 16.02.-21.02.2016

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  • Call for trainers for the Kick-off 2016 Belgrade ,Serbia 16.02.-21.02.2016
  • Dodano: 26 listopad 2015

  • Aims and objectives
    The Kick-Off event ;'Opening Doors' is an international training course on youth participation and
    activism taking place from the 16th - 21st of February 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. It is co-organized
    with our Serbian member organization 'Lunjina - Aromanian Youth Council of Serbia'.
    We start our year with this topic, as many European countries face a lack of youth participation,
    especially at the local level. We as YEN promote young people's active citizenship in general and
    aim to support minorities and ethnic groups all over Europe through youth activism. Thus, we want
    to support them to bring positive changes to their communities. Therefore, the training will focus on
    youth participation/ youth activism and aims to:
    - create a common base of understanding of what youth participation is, why it is
    important and how we as young people can become more active and motivate others to
    do so;
    - empower, motivate and give practical skills to participants so that they can take on
    responsibility and actively participate in the development of their organization, YEN
    network, communities and societies at large;
    - equip participants with knowledge and skills, so they can transmit to other YEN Mo´s
    during the YEN seminars and meetings throughout the year, as well as to their
    organizations back home and run actions
    Your task will be to support the senior trainer with their sessions, but also to run sessions on your
    own. Also planning and evaluation of sessions and the training is included.
    Methodology: non-formal, non-frontal and participative, meet the needs of the group and
    encourage high identification and ownership of participants with content and process. The
    trainers will take real-life cases, experience of participants and their organizations.
    Methods: energizers, interviews, role plays, use of flipchart and means of summarizing,
    lectures, simulation exercises, case studies, work in small groups, brainstorms, debates,
    individual sessions where handouts are filled in. Focus lies on practicing and exercising, getting
    feedback at all levels. The emphasis is on open and respectful atmosphere, where everybody
    feels welcome and secure. We will encourage a maximum of participation and exchange among
    participants. The idea is to provide safe opportunities for participants to master challenges
    without risk of drifting into panic zone or creating unresolved conflicts. 
    Trainer?s information:
    Profile of the trainers
    - Have had a first experience as participant or trainer of international training;
    - Interested in the topic of intercultural learning and motivated to improve the impact of
    ICL for different communities;
    - To have knowledge about Youth of European Nationalities;
    - Able to facilitate and work in English;
    - Able and interested to work in a team of trainers with different cultural background.
    Technical conditions
    - All travel and lodging expenses of trainers will be covered;
    - A daily allowance of 50? per day of the training;
    - Work in a team of 3 trainers;
    - Work with a group of 20 participants
    - Trainers will be involved at every stage of the training and are requested to also join
    preparatory meetings as well as possible evaluation meetings.
    Trainer?s benefits
    - Experience of work in an international team;
    - Experience of trainer's work inside YEN;
    - Improvement of trainer?s competences in ICL;
    - Trainers will receive a certificate.
    Good mood and team support are guaranteed during the whole period of the training course.
    Please send a short motivation letter (maximum 1 page) including your experience in the training
    field to:
    The application deadline is 30th of November 2015. Applicants will receive an answer shortly
    after the deadline confirming their selection.
    If you have question about the training course we are happy to answer.
    We are looking forward to your applications!
     The YEN-team